“You are an employee and I am a businessman!” This was the legendary fight between Yordi and Palazuelos in Big Brother

Roberto was nominated to leave the house

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The fights between Sergio Mayer and Bárbara Torres in The House of the Famous Mexico have reminded us of other memorable encounters in previous reality shows, especially the VIP versions of Big Brother.

Big Brother had, in its second season, Yordi Rosado and Roberto Palazuelos as two of its most controversial contenders.

Rosado entered the reality show, he has said, in an effort to separate himself from the shadow of Adal Ramones and “Otro rollo” while Palazuelos was at a peak of fame for his performance in Muchachitas with the character of “Roger”.

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Inside the house, Yordi Rosado and Roberto Palazuelos had a fight in which Gaby Platas had to intervene to calm things down.

“That’s why you’re an employee and I’m a businessman, that’s the difference between you and me!” An excited Palazuelos told Yordi, who ended up sitting on his bed and listening to the Black Diamond’s insults.

“If you want to make this personal, look for me over there and then I’ll give you hell,” Roberto insists for just over a minute that his rant against Yordi lasted.

Omar Chaparro and Gaby Platas, seeing that the discussion is about to get out of control, decide to intervene and ask Palazuelos to end the insults.

“I do not have to threaten you, if I want to put you in the mother, I put you in the mother and that’s it.” says Palazuelos, who was eliminated from the reality show before Yordi.

In 2022, Roberto appeared on Yordi’s talk show on Unicable and they reminisced about their fight. Both pointed out that when they left Big Brother, they met to agree to be friends again, since both understood that the confinement was what triggered their fight.

“Education above all, you can have differences with someone but education must prevail,” said Palazuelos.

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