“You are no longer my family”: Andrés García responds strongly to his son Leonardo

After what Leonardo García published a statement where he accused his father’s wife, Margarita Portillo, of denying him access to visit him and questioning his true interests, Andrés García responds with a strong message.

In a video posted on his YouTube channel, the actor, who has gone through serious health problems, declared: “My son Leonardo’s cretin is the one who has never helped this house at all. He has not paid for anyone’s food Never”.

Andrés sent him a strong message: “Leonardo, shut the fuck up and stop speaking lies. You haven’t helped anyone at all. Everyone has helped more than you. Margarita’s son has taken care of me and I don’t know , this must be bullshit that your mom puts in your head.”

As if that were not enough, García sent him a piece of advice: “Stop screwing, don’t mess with my family. Stop screwing and talking. You are no longer my family. You say pure bullshit, I’m ashamed of what you do, fuck your mother.”

Andrés García’s sister thanks Margarita.

On the other hand, the video shows Rosa María García, the actor’s sister, in an interview with the “First-hand” program, where she stated:

“What Leonardo says about his father is very nice and what he says is correct, but I do not agree with what Margarita and Andresito Portillo say that they want to take advantage or that they do not agree with how they take care of him. Leonardo has always had the doors open at Margarita’s house. I’m in Acapulco, he could have spoken to me. I do want to tell you that my brother is alive thanks to Margarita.”

“He was in deplorable condition. When they took him out of the hospital, they left him at home, nothing else with the service girl. But if he is alive it is thanks to Margarita and I do not think it is fair that now he says that he does not take care of him or that he is He cares badly. I wanted to clarify the gap for them, because justice must be done to whom justice deserves. And if he is alive, it is because of her, “said the lady on the Gustavo Adolfo Infante program.

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