“You don’t have to get involved”: Octavio Ocaña’s father to daughter-in-law

Octavio Ocaña’s father said that his daughter-in-law Nerea Godínez should not have responded to attacks and that is why they are finishing her

A month after the death of Octavio Ocaña, in an interview the actor’s father revealed some details about the case and the accusations in which they link his daughter in law Nerea Godínez with the death of her son.

It should be remembered that Nerea shared photographs and unpublished moments of her relationship with the actor who gave life gives “Benito Rivers” in the series “Neighbors, but decided to close his account after receiving multiple attacks from influencers and network users They claimed that she could be involved in the death of her fiancé and now she was taking advantage of the tragedy to seek fame and attention.

After these attacks, the young woman denied it and lashed out, claiming that they were lying and manipulation.

Octavio Pérez was questioned about the theme by TVNotas magazine in an interview, where he said that he loves his son’s fiancée very much, but that he should not have responded to internet users’ remarks.

“I feel that you should not get hooked, in my network I have 150 thousand followers, I upload things about my son with the desire to recognize him. In the case of my daughter-in-law, she answers people, they lie to them and obviously things shouldn’t be like that, but she deviated and it is her request, ”said Octavio Pérez.

“I love her very much, but she does not have to interfere, we are my wife, my daughters and I,” said Octavio Pérez.