Young man asks police to dance after the patrol arrived at his party

The woman went viral on TikTok because despite the presence of the authorities she decided to continue the party and get a dance partner.

There are funny moments that only happen in Mexico and thanks to platforms like TikTok they have gone viral, confirming that the Mexican population continues to be characterized by its occurrences and joy that we express no matter who we are with or where.

It is frequent that at parties that are held in houses the police can appear in order to check that everything is fine, that the law is not being violated or because of a call from neighbors who file a complaint about the volume of the music or the noise. attendee behavior.

A few days ago a recording on TikTok went viral where a group of young people are seen talking with the authorities on the street, apparently a party was taking place and they had received a visit from the police, however what the police called attention was a young woman who without any regret decided to continue with the celebration.

The woman took advantage of the band music that was still being heard to ask one of the police officers to dance, regardless of the presence of her friends and the other uniformed officers.

The agent responded to the young woman’s invitation to be a dance partner and even gave her a spin to continue with the choreography.

Although the young lady seems to want to continue dancing with the police, she is stopped by her friend who, seeing her dancing, decides to go over to her so that she can return to the other young people who are talking with another of the authorities.

The video was uploaded by a user named Mar who did not give many details about the video, although she wrote “Magical Mexico” on the recording.