Young man blames his “cousins” parents for being born with diseases

The publication that already has more than 19 million views was made by the tiktoker

A young woman has unleashed a shower of comments on TikTok, after she confessed that part of the diseases that have afflicted her health throughout her life are because her parents got married as “cousins” in Nuevo León.

The publication, which already has more than 19 million views, was made by the tiktoker, Maday Cantú (@madaycantu), who joked that her parents got married with a blood relationship. Well now she has to suffer some diseases.

“My dad was so in love with his cousin that he got married, had defective children and now he has to pay hospital bills all the time and sleep on armchairs,” wrote the young woman who filmed herself resting in a hospital bed.

In the description, the young woman acknowledged that, although she does not know why she has some diseases, her logic makes her believe that the fact that her parents are distant relatives is the “only explanation.”

As expected, the publication caused many Internet users to question Maday Cantú and set up a second part explaining why her parents are cousins.

Days later, the young woman explained the whole situation. She clarified that, although her parents have the same last name, they are not one hundred percent cousins, since the two only maintain a family bond from their great-grandparents who were brothers.