Young man earns 2000 dollars a day cleaning houses

Her name is Sammi and her video went viral after revealing her story. “They give me tips of up to 300 dollars,” she recounted.

Sammi, a young American, went viral on TikTok after saying that she earns more than $2,000 a day for cleaning five houses half-naked. According to her account, for an hour of “half-naked cleaning,” she receives up to $300 plus tips.

“Many of you want to know how much I earn in a day as a topless maid,” she expressed first on TikTok, where the video was removed, and then on Instagram. “Today I cleaned five houses and I earn $300 an hour. And I have a security guy who sits in the car and waits for me in case something happens,” she added.

In that sense, he explained that tips are not mandatory, but many people do it anyway; they vary from 100 dollars to 300, depending on the job and the size of the house.

After working five hours, Sammi revealed that her total earnings were $2,230. However, he claimed that he gives 35% of what he earns to his safety. It’s that she hires a man who waits for her outside each house until she leaves it.

Some followers were surprised by Sammi’s experience, while others were incredulous and even criticized the young woman.