Young man exposes Tinder date for stealing his shoes to give them to his girlfriend

On TikTok, it is common to find a wide variety of entertaining stories and experiences shared by users.

A user identified as Lex chose to use her profile to alert women in New York about an individual she met through the Tinder application.

After spending a night together at his residence, this man took possession of a pair of Mary Jane Tabis shoes from the prestigious brand Maison Margiela, which cost up to 20 thousand Mexican pesos.

Through his account @nextlevellexuss, Lex shared a series of images and began by saying that he decided to match with this man on the application because he seemed nice to him.

On the second date, she invited the man to her house to spend the night together.

The next day, while they were talking about fashion, the individual confessed his interest in shoes.

The young woman said that it was a few hours after the man left her home when she realized that the designer shoes, a birthday gift from her father, were no longer on her shelf. She conducted an exhaustive search of the entire house until she realized that her date had stolen them.

After Lex shared her unfortunate experience with the Tinder man, her video went viral on TikTok, racking up over a million views.

Several users advised him to contact his phone company to recover the data and find the thief’s phone number.

However, some people went even further and managed to find the Instagram profile of the individual in question.