Young man feeds … a turtle and his video goes viral on TikTok

A video has surprised thousands of followers, after the user is preparing an exotic food: turtle.

The turtles, those animals that we can see at the bottom of the sea, in movies like Finding Nemo, yes those cute animals that sometimes get a straw stuck in their noses because of us, well apparently they also serve as a saucer or that has was registered on TikTok, where a video went viral.

And it is that if we talk about food, we even eat insects (and they taste good); However, a video has surprised thousands of followers, after the user is preparing an exotic meal: turtle and the steps are not as complex as you think.

In a video shared on social networks, in the first minutes, it is observed how the user of this social network will prepare something to eat, bring some condiments, vegetables, spices and the occasional spicy to add what she will prepare to eat, but before.

In another scene of the video, the young woman takes advantage of the time to wash her turtle, quite large by the way, and begins to carve it from the shell, but what follows is quite curious, since she begins to remove the skin from the turtle that when seem no longer alive.

After this, the four legs of the reptile appear on a plate, to which he adds some chili peppers, anise, and the occasional spice to give flavor to this exotic food and then boil and marinate them with a special touch.

After the marinade, the girl takes the opportunity to put the turtles in the pan, sprinkle them so that they cook and finish with a somewhat strange dish, although not so much for Asian culture.

Users of this social network have taken the opportunity to do duets with the video of the young woman and the turtle, so much so that they did not even know it could be done on a plate.