Young man finds strange figure inside Mayan pyramid

Apparently the video shared on the TikTok social network seems to contain alien evidence

The contact of alien civilizations with the Mayans has been a highly debated argument between those who believe that extraterrestrials had contact with what was the most advanced civilization in America and those who reject such a possibility.

Since pre-Hispanic figures with a humanoid shape and alien features have been ruled out by authorities, since according to various viral theories, accepting that they belonged to some ancient civilization would form a precedent for the possible visit of life from other worlds.

In relation to this, a young content creator on TikTok has revealed the alleged finding of an alien-shaped figure which would have belonged to the Mayan civilization.

The young man who revealed the story is known on TikTok as Carlos Name, a boy who is dedicated to creating videos about ruins, houses and mysterious places in Mexico.

In the recording, the young man said he had found a figure intervened to look like an alien, whose origin is unknown.

He commented that he found this piece inside a Mayan pyramid similar to the Kukulcán pyramid in the Yucatán peninsula.