Young man gets lost and arrives in Querétaro on his first day driving

  • The young woman uploaded a video to her Tik tok account where she mentions how she got lost opening her truck

A young woman experienced tense moments when she first drove her truck.

During her journey, she decided to trust the Waze app to guide her on her way.

However, the app directed her down a completely different route, resulting in her ending up in Querétaro.

The young woman who shared her experience through a video on her TikTok account (@buitragona), mentioned that this situation caused laughter among her friends and her brother, but for her it was a frustrating and unpleasant experience, not knowing her location in that moment.

In the video, the young woman can be seen crying as she communicates, apparently with her family, to inform them that she is returning from Querétaro, a trip in which she had to pay a toll of 700 pesos.

When someone asks how she ended up in that state, the young woman named Andrea explains that she used the Waze app, but it wasn’t working properly and she thought she was taking a faster route. However, she was surprised to find that she had to pay tolls.

When asked why she didn’t ask someone for directions to find the right path, she explains that she was afraid they would notice she was lost and mug her.

In addition, the route suggested by the app took her through a dangerous place, which led her to drive fast and attract the attention of the police.