Young man takes advantage of the flood to surf, but it goes wrong

A young man went viral after spreading a video in which he can be seen happily surfing a sewage channel

There are times when fun and recklessness turns out to be the worst combination.

How what happened to a group of young people, who took advantage of the heavy rains that have occurred around the country, caused by the cold front, the Mexican monsoon and tropical wave number 2

After the video broadcast on social networks, two versions came to light, in one it is stated that the events occurred in Nuevo León, while others say that it was in Delicias, Chihuahua.

At the beginning of this note, we reported that the protagonist of the video did not have a happy ending, because this young man decided to take an inflatable mattress and take advantage of the fact that the flood ran through a channel that emptied into a drain.

In the clip, you can see how the young man launches himself through the channel that is right next to what appears to be a highway, he can be seen confident and happy, enjoying his trip, but in an instant everything can change, because he manages to stop the mattress just before falling down the drain, at which time a fellow prankster approaches him to stop him and prevent what precisely happened from happening.

The man went directly and nonstop to the sewer, with everything and his mattress, so far it is not known what happened to the boy after the feat went wrong,