Young man tattoos a White Letter and asks to be sponsored

The young man tattooed a Carta Blanca loggerhead container on his arm and took on the task of asking the company to sponsor him with some beers

A consumer tattooed a beer from the Carta Blanca brand to demonstrate his loyalty, becoming a viral phenomenon on social media due to what the company decided to do to reward him.

And it is that if Mexicans enjoy something above all things, it is to drink this delicious ‘dizzy’ elixir, which is present in all kinds of social gatherings, being one of the favorite drinks of many nationals.
It was through his Twitter account that the user “mon de la fuerte” decided to share a photograph of the tattoo that he made presenting a container of the popular beer brand, which is accompanied by a couple of flowers.

The netizen accompanied his publication with the request that whoever saw the publication ask the brewery to give him some drinks.

Although the brand has not announced if it will give its loggerheads, a community manager responded to the user in a tweet in which he dedicated a playlist on Spotify.

It is unknown if Carta Blanca will “sponsor” this young man for tattooing the container, but the popularity of having gone viral will not be taken away by anyone.

Carta Blanca was one of the founding brands of Cervecería Cuauhtémoc, better known today as Heineken México, in 1890. It is one of the most popular in the national market by pure tradition.