YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Twitch, what is the best platform to be a successful influencer

Kika Nieto, Colombian influencer. Photo: Instagram @_kikanieto

Will 2022 be a year that will bring about some kind of “war” between social networks? Yeah, maybe it’s just one more battle. The main platforms (with their algorithms and monetization plans), used by the younger audience, will have to attract content creators.

YouTube, TikTok and Instagram must capture their attention to generate regular posts that can move audiences and thus generate income through advertising.

In this sense, according to a report by the agency with offices in Latin America (Mexico, Argentina) and London, Be Influencers, YouTube is positioned as the most complete platform for creators. He developed an analysis based on what happened during 2021 on social networks and made a projection for 2022 about the battle that will take place for the attention of content creators.

The consolidation of the Creator Economy, that is, the possibility of monetization that content creators obtain directly from the platforms beyond specific agreements with brands, is putting the platforms in check, the agency points out.

For social networks, content creators are their main asset to keep the attention of the audiences and, therefore, there begins to be a fight for who offers not only a higher rate, but also better “working conditions”.

Although Twitch had a great 2021 in terms of audience volume, it also went through several scandals for alleged breaches of contracts, bans (restriction of access or monetization of the account) without prior notice, complaints about the monetization system, and the famous #ATwitchDayOff movement, a strike of creators to ask the platform for measures against hate attacks.

Globally, There are already several Twitch referents like DrLupo or TimTheTatMan who have moved over to YouTube Gaming and there are some rumors that even the famous streamer Ibai could do the same.but not confirmed yet.

There have been several cases of transfers to other streaming platforms under supposedly better working conditions, but which ended in scams, forcing them to return to Twitch. The case that resonated the most last year was that of the Argentine Momo with the Booyah platform, with whom he worked for 5 months but, according to him, without ever receiving the agreed remuneration.

As for Instagram, there is concern that both audiences and creators are losing ground. (especially from Gen Z) hand in hand with TikTok, where influencers can monetize directly for their content. For this reason, Instagram is making several important changes to the platform, the most important being the testing of a subscription model to access exclusive content.

“It is a difficult time for creators on Instagram because, given the loss of territory to TikTok, the platform managers know they have to make deep and fast changes. That is why Adam Mosseri, director of Instagram, uploads a reel almost every week explaining the changes and tests that are being done (such as subscriptions, return of the chronological feed, new sections, etc.) but the truth is that it is difficult to keep up with him”, Natalia Alfonso, brand director of Be Influencers, points out to Infobae.

As he expresses, what Instagram is looking for with all these changes is to give a fresh and renewed image and more in line with the times in which we live, where the creation of content has become one of the main sources of entertainment. “For this reason, the logic of followers and followers that Instagram always had is progressively changing to a format where content prevails over status, as it is on TikTok,” she explains.

And he concludes: “I think that what the Instagram algorithms want from the creators is that they adapt to this new logic where content reigns regardless of the followers with an audiovisual and more relaxed format, as opposed to the super aspirational content that always prevailed on the platform”.

For its part, Youtube seems to be the most benefited. According to the report, it is emerging as this year’s winner thanks to its project to create a complete ecosystem: streaming (through Youtube Gaming), edited videos, feed posts (similar to Instagram) and the Shorts section, the short video section with a very similar format and algorithm to TikTok. In addition, the network has 10 different monetization possibilities within the platform.


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