YouTube is updated: these are the fouls and penalties that could leave you without a channel forever

File photo. | Credit: REUTERS / Dado Ruvic (Dado Ruvic /)

According to research by Statista in 2021, YouTube became the second most visited social network in the world with almost 2.3 billion users. Being such a massive website, the platform constantly seeks to update its regulations (called Community Rules) in order to guarantee a good experience for all users who interact on a daily basis, for this reason, From January 5, 2022 Youtube will update the Terms of Service.

The update proposed by the company does not seek to affect the user experience, since the changes will be focused on making the information contained in the text clearer since something will be added that many will want to take into account, what There will be faults due to non-compliance with the Community Rules and the process that will be carried out in case of incurring in any of these behaviors.

The Community Rules are focused on both users and content creators and are intended to make the experience an enjoyable process, for this reason, both in the videos themselves and in the comments made on them, the platform prohibits any type of spam or content that is misleading, sensitive, violent or dangerous, or that deals with illegal products that are not regulated. Each specification of the content that is not allowed within the platform will be available for all users to read in the Community Rules section.

Similarly, YouTube does not allow misinformation, especially that which may cause harm to people in real life, such as threats or offers related to harmful remedies and treatments.

File photo.  |  Credit: REUTERS / Dado Ruvic
File photo. | Credit: REUTERS / Dado Ruvic (DADO RUVIC /)

What would the process be like in case of violating YouTube’s regulations

If the platform applies a fault to you, they will let you know through the email you have registered, this notification will indicate what content has been removed and the policies that it has violated, YouTube will inform the sanction imposed (it varies depending on each case) and the measures that can be taken in this regard.

After the first offense, users will be notified as a warning, it will almost always not entail any type of sanction for the person’s account. The second time I make the mistake, YouTube will apply a fault that is that for a week you will not be able to upload any videos, create live broadcasts or publish stories, upload thumbnails or publish in the Community tab, show a trailer during a premiere, or direct viewers of a live broadcast to a premiere or vice versa.

When a week passes after the imposition of the offense, the user will regain all their privileges, however, said offense will be registered on the platform for 90 days, if another is committed within this period, a sanction will be applied with the same measures, this time for two weeks.

Finally, if the person accumulates three fouls within these 90 days, YouTube will proceed to permanently delete the channel. It should be noted that violations do not disappear by deleting the content in question, so users must be careful regarding behavior on the platform.


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