YouTube: what is the difference between the Join button and Subscribe to a channel

Youtube. (photo: PixelsTalks)

Despite the success of Twitter, Instagram either TikTok, Youtube It is still the second most visited page in the world. And it is second only to Google. However, this does not stop YouTube from trying to catch up with changes and innovations to its features. Like the Shorts.

And it also competes with Twitch, a platform that many YouTubers have flocked to since YouTube made changes to its advertising policy. That is why for some time now they have found another button in addition to the traditional one on some channels. subscribe button to the YouTube channel: Join a YouTube channel.

How does the Subscribe button on a YouTube channel work?

The Subscribe button is already very popular and has almost no secrets for those who have been using the platform for a long time.

If a user is registered on YouTube and is interested in news and new or live videos of a certain content creator or channel, the best way to find out is by clicking this button.

From then on, recommendations for these posts will be visible on the YouTube home page, as well as in the YouTube section. subscriptions. There you can see and know when there are new videos to watch.

Subscribe button on YouTube.  (photo: YouTube/Composition/Jose Arana)
Subscribe button on YouTube. (photo: YouTube/Composition/Jose Arana)

How the ‘Join’ button works on a YouTube channel

But, the Join or Join Channel button has another purpose. Directly inspired by Twitch, the intent is to encourage content creators to return to the streaming video platform. Google to upload videos and/or make streaming.

Also, users win because they have another way to watch their favorite channels and help them financially. If the reader of this note knows the world of Twitch, these terms will sound familiar to him. Anyway, now it will be explained how exactly it works.

YouTube 'Join', 'Join' or 'Join' button.  (photo: YouTube/Composition/Jose Arana)
YouTube ‘Join’, ‘Join’ or ‘Join’ button. (photo: YouTube/Composition/Jose Arana)

As already mentioned above, the Subscribe button is on every channel. but the button Join to a YouTube channel is not yet everywhere. Also, as popular as it is, the idea is that it is only used by certain channels of creators who need funding to maintain their channel.

That’s because the idea of ​​joining a channel is based on the Twitch affiliate and partner system, which allows content creators to add advertisements or offer exclusive virtual gifts to their followers.

Become an affiliate, Twitch.  (photo: DarkGamer Geek)
Become an affiliate, Twitch. (photo: DarkGamer Geek)

Well, when you go to a YouTube channel, you will find a button Join next to the Subscribe button (as in the photo above). If this is pressed, the user will become a member of this channel.

Plus Benefits Membership: “Public badges, emojis, and access to perks offered by that channel’s creator can be purchased on the main YouTube site and app.”

Benefits of joining a YouTube channel.  (photo: YouTube/Jose Arana)
Benefits of joining a YouTube channel. (photo: YouTube/Jose Arana)

For example, the user can watch videos before other users, access exclusive content, chat during the live broadcast, etc. It depends on each channel and creator. in the tab Community of the channel, you can see unique content. In other words, in addition to advertising, the user helps finance the channel by purchasing exclusive virtual items, just like on Twitch.

Specifically, content creators receive 70% of revenue recognized by Google from channel memberships after local sales tax and other fees (depending on country and user environment). YouTube is responsible for payment fees (including credit card fees).

How to become a member of a YouTube channel

Because it is about putting money on the table, when the button is clicked Join on a YouTube channel, you will be prompted to enter your payment information. The amount to pay depends on each channel and the content creator.

Once the user becomes a member, they will see a new button on this YouTube channel: See advantages. Click to see what you get for being a channel member.

Advantages of being a member of a YouTube channel.  (photo: YouTube/Jose Arana)
Advantages of being a member of a YouTube channel. (photo: YouTube/Jose Arana)

Depending on the configuration, there will be different levels. Each level has a different price and entitles you to certain gifts. You can change the level at any time by clicking the button Change level. You will always be able to see the price of each level and how much you have to pay, and when.

Finally, if you no longer want to be a member of a channel, there is the possibility of unsubscribing by returning to the section See advantages and clicking on Stop being a member and cancel benefits.

If a subscription that has already been paid for expires, the next subscription will not be charged. Rather, a person can unsubscribe and re-register at any time.


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