Youtuber was shot when he tried to record a joke

Tanner Cook makes a habit of accosting strangers and putting them in awkward situations for videos on his YouTube channel.

A youtuber was shot in Virginia, United States, while recording a video for his heavy jokes channel.

Tanner Cook, 21, was shot, which penetrated his stomach and liver, but made it out of intensive care. The local police indicate that the shot was the result of a fight that the young man had with Alan Colie (31) in the food court of a shopping center. Tanner Cook was pranking the man for his channel Classified Goons, which in the past has posted videos like “Prank Stealing Beds From Mattress Stores,” “Prank Stealing Other People’s Groceries,” “Breaking Items From Store Front to employees”, among others.

Classified Goons has 39,000 subscribers on YouTube and describes himself as “just a couple of airheads.” “He was just making a practical joke and this man didn’t take it very well,” Tanner Cook told NBC’s WUSA9 affiliate.

The young man’s father says it was an exaggerated reaction. “There was a phone around him and they were trying to interview him or talk to him, he didn’t like it, he pulled his gun and shot my son.”

Despite his injuries, Tanner Cook assured that he will not stop making videos.