Yrma Lydya, the mystery of her age and her two birth certificates with different dates

The cruel and sudden death of the singer Yrma Lydya They keep her in the spotlight. So far, many doubts persist and neither her mother, her sister or her alleged father have responded to our call or to the main questions of the Prosecutor’s Office. But not only that, the story that Yrma Lydya herself created continues with many gaps and doubts, in addition, the name of the person truly responsible for her death is still in the dark.

TV and novels presents the third and last part of the investigation of the case of the interpreter who dreamed of fame.

Yrma Lydya spoke in interviews about her age, she claimed that her birthday was in September and that the 17th was her birthday; Some newspapers still report that she saw the light in the year 2000, however, her age has been one of her biggest mysteries.

Yrma Lydya would celebrate her birthday on September 17, although her true age is a secret.


The original surnames of Yrma Lydya would be Jiménez Pineda, and not Gamboa Jiménez, born on September 17, 1999 in Lomas de Virreyes, after midnight.
In the certificate, issued in 1999, the mother’s name is also defined as María Félix Jiménez Pineda, an educator by profession; her father does not appear, but her grandmother, Yrma Domínguez Jiménez, does. There is another birth certificate issued in 2005, in which she already appears as Yrma Lydya Gamboa Jiménez, this time with the registry of her father, Ramón David Gamboa Gutiérrez; and her mother, with the same name.


According to Yrma Lydya’s death certificate, it is confirmed that she died inside the Suntory restaurant as a result of two wounds caused by projectiles fired by a penetrating firearm to the thorax. The house he shared with Jesús “N” does not appear as his address, nor does the name of his parents appear on the record.

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