Yuri, against the lying corridos? This was the singer’s statement

Reporters asked Yuri what she thought about the lying corridos and she gave her opinion.


The recognized Mexican singer Yuri has made a statement that has caused a stir in the music world. Known for her powerful voice and stage presence, Yuri He has never been afraid to express his opinion. This time, their goal is lying down a musical genre that has gained popularity in recent years.

Yuri attacks the lying corridos

The lying downa subgenre of music Mexican regional who have won the hearts of Mexicans, because great artists like Featherweight, Natanael Cano or Junior H have had great success and support, however, the war runs They have been the subject of controversy due to their explicit lyrics and their depiction of drug trafficking life. Yuri, Apparently, he has joined those who criticize this genre.

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In his statement, Yuri expressed his disagreement with the lying corridos during an interview: “It seems like they are disposable artists. They’ve been there for five years and no one remembers them again, I don’t like that,” she said. “I would have liked young people to stay like us, the eighties, who still have careers,” she continued.

This statement has generated various reactions, both from his followers and from defenders of the lying down.

Yuri He also criticized the lack of talent of the corridos tumbados singers. “I see the artists and they no longer have the great voices; They have a style,” she noted.

Some fans have criticized Yuri for being “classist” and for not understanding the musical genre. Other fans have supported the singer, arguing that corridos tumbados promote violence and drug trafficking.

Despite the controversy, the Mexican remains a respected figure in music. His talent and commitment to musical quality are indisputable.

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