Yuri invites Drag Queen to a concert and “apologizes” to the LGBT+ community

Yuri ended up kneeling before the LGBT+ community denying her homophobia but they remind her that “she is the least”

Yuri has tried to clean up his image, after the scandal he starred in with the LGBT+ community when he sang with a drag queen in Acapulco and the result was not very positive.

The famous singer is one of those who has received the most attacks from the community, due to her statements that not everyone has liked, mainly because most of them are related to her religion.

It was during her presentation in Acapulco that the singer invited a person who is characterized as a drag queen to sing, who also imitates her.

He took advantage of the moment to send “apologies” to the community, with said presentation, after repeatedly commenting that he had never said anything against him.

It was on November 20 that Yuri had an important presentation at the La NAO 2022 International Festival

The show started as usual and after singing some of her songs, she brought up her special guest, who was characterized as her, to perform the song “Pity” together.

The 58-year-old interpreter and composer expressed that she wanted to reiterate how much she esteems the LGBT+ community, since it is believed that her career has failed after speaking ill of it.

However, when everything seemed to be going well, he made a joke that was out of line and made many even more angry.

“The truth is that you have given me a lot, which is why it bothers me a lot when they say that I don’t love the community. I love you very much, I love you very much and above all because you have given me a lot,” said the Veracruz woman.

In addition, he added a comment that he should not have made, which caused everyone to be more furious than they already were, assuring that his team is made up of “pure wives.”

“In my team, my musicians, they are all from the community. They dress as men, but no; they love. I am the artist that most of my dancers and my crew are from the community,” she added.

She stressed that this makes her different from other singers, who mostly have straight people on their teams, trying to look good.

“There are other artists who don’t have dancers from their community, where is it right?” she said, causing shouts from the audience.