Yuridia and Matías Aranda show the full face of their son Benicio for the first time

Yuridia and Matías Aranda.


Minutes before his music video “Without crying, Yuridia and Matías Aranda They presented their baby Benicio, second child of the Mexican singer.

Yuridia completely showed the face of his son Benicio, who was born in July 2023.

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“Next we’ll do his hair,” says the former member of ‘La Academia’, Matías, for his part, the singer can be heard saying: “Beni, Beni… She said to watch her mother’s video.”

The reactions of his fans have not been long in coming, sharing comments on networks such as: “He is beautiful, he looks a lot like Matías”; “Beni is identical to Yuridia”; “He has features of both, he is cute.”


Beni bb so beautiful says go listen #SinLlorar #YURIDIA #Benicio

♬ original sound – YURIDIA TEAM ♥️👑

It should be noted that Yuridia has another son named Phoenix17 years old, the result of the relationship that the singer had with Edgar Guerreroof The academy.

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