Yuri’s confessions after 46 years of career: “I no longer ask for full houses, the important thing is health and my family”

The blessings that make Yuri a successful woman today are due, according to her, to the good deeds she always had with her parents, although in the late 80s she caused them some headaches when she left home to become independent.

“I was always very loved by them, much desired, they took great care of me, that’s why I was a good daughter, but not perfect, although I always honored them, that’s why God rewarded me. I respected them, loved them and supported them financially when they could no longer work; I always looked out for them, I gave them their monthly allowance, because when you are a good son, God blesses you. I was obedient, and it was very difficult for me to leave the house when I married Fernando (Iriarte), but I was already a full-fledged woman and I had to fly, despite the fact that they did not accept it,” says the interpreter, who is contagious with her joy. in each transmission of Who is the mask?


In the program, the artist is laughter turned into a woman. “I like to make people laugh, I think that’s why they hire me, I like comedy and give the show a jarocho touch. As artists we have the task of entertaining the public. I am spontaneous, other colleagues have their own personality, and sometimes I integrate them into my relaxation, like Juanpa Zurita. Carlos is more reserved, although now he also likes disorder, but not as much as I do. Maybe I messed it up, because he’s always been very serious, but since he loves me a lot, that’s why he messes around, although sometimes I stop myself so as not to be disrespectful.

This year, the singer celebrates 46 years of her career, since she began professionally in music in 1976: “I have a solid career, of sacrifices, of love, of passion; I love what I do, but also one day you’re up and the other down.” Because she started at a very young age, people think that Yuri is older, but at 58 she feels proud of what she has achieved: “I started working at the age of 12, opening for Celia Cruz, Rubén Blades, Alberto Cortez and Manoella Torres.

His first approach to the entertainment industry is due to his mother, who was also his manager. “She is responsible for everything, she was the one who saw this talent in me and the one who took me out of school because she said I was very stupid, she wondered why she was wasting time there if she was not good at studying, mine was singing and the dance Since I was little she began to prepare me, and at the age of 12 she was already with my musical group. She was the one who supported me from day one, she who saw that ruby ​​that had to be polished, that she had to go through fire to be the woman I am now.


Since she was a child, she confesses, she was attracted to the show, and she liked to improvise presentations with her relatives. “The first thing I did when I woke up was stand in front of the mirror with my sister, Yamilé, and I did driving and modeling with my mom’s clothes, that’s why I love fashion; she also played the narrator for the news.” Her greatest artistic references at that time were “Manoella Torres, Estela Núñez, Michael Jackson, Donna Summer and Barbra Streisand, those were the people who inspired me.”

The first dream that the Veracruz-born woman came true was sharing the stage with the singers to whom she opened her concerts one day. “I sang with Celia Cruz, Vicente Fernández, Lola Beltrán… I have been a very privileged and honored woman”.


Her failure in her first marriage with the son of Maxine Woodside, who came to represent her in her career, did not make her distrust love, and years later she took an opportunity with a Chilean she met at the Viña del Mar Festival in 1995: Rodrigo Espinoza, who at that time was a musician with the group Aleste. An exchange of glances was enough for them to be arrowed; she took the first step thinking that he was the man of her life, and she was not wrong. They got married shortly after, they have been together for 27 years now, and they are the parents of a girl they adopted and changed their lives.

“I feel happy, grateful to God, because it is difficult to be well in both areas; I remember that when I was very famous and I was in the most important moments of my career I was alone, and when I was well emotionally, my career was not going very well. Now I have worked to have that balance, to be happy, with a daughter, a married couple of 27 years, a man who gets on the boat with me, supports me, accepts that I am an artist, a famous person… Rodrigo is a confident, tremendous man. As a dad, husband, and co-worker, what more can I ask of life? Not all artists have that privilege, because there are some very famous ones who are in the first places, but alone”.
“I NO LONGER ASK FOR TOTAL FILLS” The key to a relationship in which respect and understanding prevail has been the religious belief that reinforces their values. “God is responsible, because when you bring the one who created the marriage into your union, everything goes well. In the Bible there are all the rules to be a good husband and a good wife, that is why we have a firm, wise marriage”. The pandemic had no mercy on the vocalist of hits like La maldita primavera and Detrás de mi ventana, since dysautonomia was one of the consequences that COVID-19 left her. Therefore, the most important thing for Yuri now is to be in good health. “I am a strong woman, a leader, a warrior, and holding the hand of God I have been able to get ahead; I suffered with the aftermath, so I no longer ask for wins or sellouts, the most important thing is health and being with my family”.


Last year her record company paid tribute to her with the album Celebrando a leyenda, which brought her together with other exponents in different duets: “I am grateful that they have paid me a tribute in life, because sometimes they pay tribute to artists when they are very old and can no longer walk, see or enjoy, what for? The artist is no longer on this plane; That they honored me now that I can walk and sing is a luxury, a thank you to God”.

When asked if he considers himself a legend, he bluntly and without hesitation says no.: “I am a person who has sown a lot in his time, I am still current, but the company put the title; I may be a living legend, but I still don’t feel like a legend.”

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