Yuya shook his followers by sharing a video where his baby Mar appears

Yuya shared a tender moment with his son Mar (Photo: Instagram / @ yuyacst)

After the first child of the youtuber was born Yuya She has not stopped sharing some moments as a new mom. The influencer He uploaded a few seconds of tenderness through his temporary Instagram stories with the following text: “Like this this morning with my two loves”.

In the video appear Yuya, little Mar and his dog Majo, all lying on his bed; the baby’s head resting on the chest of the businesswoman, although it is not possible to accurately perceive the little boy’s face, they are calmly resting.

Mariand Castrejón, as she is really called The youtuber has also published various images and videos with her dog Majo, showing that she is her company on different occasions for almost 2 years.

Remember that Mar was born on September 29, so the singer Siddhartha shared the news on his official Twitter account. “A new Sea was born!”wrote the famous. Yuya, for his part, has appreciated all the affection they had with their baby and all the messages they received since then.

It is important to mention that Yuya rescued his dog, since otherwise she would have been sacrificed And since then the youtuber has not separated from Majo, as she confessed that since she saw her she fell in love completely thanks to her gaze.

Since she appeared on social networks in August 2020, users went crazy to see her because it was obvious that Yuya was very happy to share moments with her little and adorable dog, so much so that in that same month she decided to make a video where she answered questions that they had their followers on Majo.

“The love I feel for her surpasses everything I knew. It has made me a better person, I have connected a lot with her, I am in love “, confessed the influencer in the YouTube video.

One of the questions that her fans asked her the most was the reason why Yuya put her that way and she replied that the name María José was very cute, but she did not want anyone to feel bad about using it.

Yuya dog
Yuya rescued his dog almost two years ago and since then he has been his company (Photo: Instagram / yuyacst)

A few hours later the famous He caused a stir with his followers again, as he boasted his first avocado harvest, the same with which he posed in some photographs. The images were shared through her official Instagram account, where she looks very happy in a long white and green checkered dress, under the sun and with a box.

“I took care of my tree for so many years and I was finally able to harvest avocados. I am eager to show them off, “he wrote in his post. The photos quickly reached a million “likes” and they were filled with different comments.

As expected, his fans were present in the post. “Wow”, “It’s that you succeed in absolutely everything”, “Is there something cuter than Yuya being Yuya?“,” A party with guacamole “,” Apart from the perfect mom, the avocado lady “,” The most beautiful woman on the whole internet “,” All a natural beauty “,” We love you a thousand “,” I love you and avocados ”,“ You are everyone’s dream ”, were some of his words that Internet users dedicated to the influencer.

Yuya caused such an impact with his fans that even several of them they described her as “humble”, because although he has enough money to buy this type of fruit decided to plant his own tree and take care of it for a long time.

The youtuber shared a series of photos where she showed off her avocados (Photo: Instagram / @ yuyacst)


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