Yuya’s brother and his partner spoke about the unfortunate passing of their babies

The couple share a channel called “Eternal Love”, where they reappeared after the death of their babies (Photo: Instagram / @ sergecast)

Paola Poulain and Sergio Castrejón, Yuya’s brother, They reappeared on their YouTube channel after their babies died. The couple of influencers had remained silent until the issuance of a live on his channel “Amor Eterno”. The spouses delved into the reasons for the sudden death of their twins, as well as the mistreatment they experienced in various hospitals.

Paola Poulain began his story by telling that he contracted a infection in your kidney. The disease of the influencer began to gain more strength and, eventually, affected the development and growth of his twins: “At the hospital they told me that I no longer had fluid in the placenta”Yuya‘s sister-in-law declared.

Sergio Castrejón, also known as “Fichis”, remarked that the attention to his wife was very fast and accurate. However, the couple accepted that the costs of the emergency operation were extremely high, at least while they were listed in the capital of Mexico: “They were priceless for us”, he stressed.

More or less it was 150 thousand pesos a day per baby. We also had to pay an admission price for Paola ”,“ Fichis ”recalled. Your twins must have had at least two months of care until their recovery. The cost figure simply far exceeded them: “That’s what it costs”, Sentenced the influencer.

The desperation of the couple led them to make multiple medical transfers. Either by cost or by occupation, Paola and Sergio toured Mexico City in search of help. “We beg you. And they told us: ‘There is no place here, but if the same diagnosis comes out that they already sent them, we will not understand them.Yuya’s brother balanced.

Finally, both reported that they went out until Yautepec in the state of Morelos. There, they arrived at the Women’s Hospital, a medical center where they finally treated Paola Poulain. “On the way I was dying of fear. My question was why us? A thousand things happened in my mind “, said through tears” Fichis “.

Yuya’s brother did not hesitate to express his respect for the Women’s Hospital. “That place gave us hope with our little babies and they saved Paola’s life. Do you know how much they charge? … zero pesos. Medically they offer the best, they do not ask for anything from the private hospitals in Mexico City, “he said.

Sergio Castrejón “Fichis” is recognized for his content on YouTube like his sister Yuya (Photo: Instagram / @sergcast)

Paola Poulain opened up about her experiences inside the Morelos medical center: “There is a high probability that you will lose your uterus. There is a high probability that you will bleed to death. I need firm here that you understand and understand this whole procedure ”, he recalled the dialogue she had with the medical staff who treated her.

Despite the grateful account of “Fichis”, the content creator exploded against the security body of the Women’s Hospital. An element of that area did not let Sergio Castrejón pass to see his babies, even though he was the only one with the accreditation of doing so, and to decide whether the rescue actions continued.

“What little mother. Unlike all the people who were little angels, the doctors who were with Pao. All the medical area, excellent. Neta are little angels and keep it up. I won’t even say the name (of the security one) ”, rectified Yuya’s brother.

Paola Poulain Fichis
The babies’ account already had a considerable number of followers (Photo: Instagram screenshot)

Sergio Castrejón, who spoke more during the broadcast, acknowledged that he felt angry with a doctorto. The reason was that did not allow his wife to say goodbye to one of their babies when he was already in a very serious condition: “What was it difficult for him to say no for this, but no.”

In the same way, he stressed that the same doctor, out of respect, did not reveal her name, and made a totally foolish comment about the death of her twins. According to what Sergio Castrejón said, the health professional blamed the mother, Paola Poulain, for the unfortunate outcome of her twins.


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