Zelensky announced that Ukraine will increase the production of weapons and projectiles to defend itself against Russian aggression

Ukrainian President Volodimir Zelensky. Europa Press/Contact/Presidency of Ukraine/Ukrainian (Europa Press/Contact/Ukraine Pr/)

The president of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyhas opted to boost its own economy and weapons production within the framework of the Ukrainian Army’s defense campaign against the Russian invasion.

“It is very important: Ukrainian production of weapons and projectiles shows a positive dynamic,” Zelensky expressed in his daily evening message, in which he expressed gratitude to “everyone who participates.” and they work on Ukraine’s own capabilities, on its “own opportunities” to address the ammunition shortage and equip the troops.

In this sense, the Ukrainian president noted that the country’s authorities are “working to increase the number of air defense systems with the purpose of gathering “adequate ammunition to protect against Russian air and missile attacks.”

“Control in the sky is, in many ways, the answer to control on the ground,” added the president, who has repeatedly regretted that Ukraine’s international allies do not supply more weapons and ammunition.

On the other hand, Zelensky has spoken of creating an economic platform to strengthen the Ukrainian economy by allowing entrepreneurs “carry out more active economic work”receive more support and communicate more effectively.

“I thank all our businessmen, all those in Ukraine who remain in the country, keep their businesses and their jobs”he said, underlining that “decent jobs in Ukraine and the work of all companies that remain in the legal sphere, are one of the key foundations of Ukrainian strength,” especially when millions of people have left Ukraine as consequence of the war.

In this regard, the leader of the Ukrainian Executive has presented “a new communication mechanism with entrepreneurs”, “an economic platform for all of Ukraine in which small, medium and large companies will be represented”, as well as “different regions of the country ”.

“We need more confidence for businesses and a greater legal and ‘white’ economy for Ukraine”Zelensky noted. “We need more Ukrainian production facilities, more Ukrainian products from various industries,” he said.

Weapons instructors teach Ukrainian civilians how to handle war weapons.  EFE / Borja Sánchez Trillo
Weapons instructors teach Ukrainian civilians how to handle war weapons. EFE / Borja Sánchez Trillo (borja sánchez trillo/)

For his part, the Ukrainian ombudsman, Dmitro Lubinetstoday made an official request to the Red Cross to know if it was informed by the Russian Government that Ukrainian prisoners were to be transported in the military plane which crashed on the 24th in a border area with Ukraine of the Russian Federation.

Moscow assures that 65 Ukrainian prisoners of war who were going to be exchanged that same day died in the accident along with three Russian soldiers who were guarding them and six members of the crew. According to the Russian version, the plane was shot down by missiles fired by Ukraine, which has neither confirmed nor denied this claim.

“I want to receive an official response from the International Committee of the Red Cross on whether the Russian Federation reported that it would transport Ukrainian prisoners of war in this or another way,” Lubinets told the Ukrainian service of Radio Freedom.

The kyiv ombudsman noted that the parties involved in the prisoner exchanges are legally obliged to inform the Red Cross how they are transferred to the exchange location.

Lubinets also insisted this Friday that Russia has not officially communicated any names of the 65 Ukrainian prisoners of war who died in the incident.

According to Ukrainian intelligence, Russia has not yet provided any information about the alleged Ukrainian victims of the incident.

(With information from Europa Press)