Zelensky assured that “Russia will be defeated as Nazism was defeated”

Zelensky assured that “Russia will be defeated as Nazism was defeated.” (PHOTO: REUTERS/Janis Laizans) (Janis Laizans/)

Ukrainian President, Volodimir Zelenskystated this Monday on the occasion of the celebration in most of Europe of Victory Day over Nazism that Russia will be defeated in the current war conflict in the same way that Nazi Germany was defeated in the World War II.

“The historic unity” of Europe and of “all Europeans who defeated Nazism and will defeat ‘Russianism,’” he said, using the word accepted by the Ukrainian Parliament to recognize Russian imperialist ideology.

“We fought then and we fight now so that no one ever again enslaves other nations and destroys other countries,” Zelensky declared in an address to the nation on Monday. “All the old evils that modern Russia is bringing back will be defeated just as Nazism was defeated,” Zelensky added.

The Ukrainian head of state also announced that Ukraine will stop celebrating Victory Day over Nazism on May 9as it is done in Russia, and will be aligned from now on with the EU countries, commemorating this historic milestone on May 8.

Ukraine thus departs from a Soviet tradition that has been transformed in Russia into a great annual festival of nationalist exaltation in which Ukraine is associated with the Nazis and the current Russian army with the Soviet forces that defeated Nazism along with their Western allies. , which are generally ignored in Russian celebrations.

In addition to decreeing May 8 as Victory Day, Zelensky stressed the importance of claiming the role of the Ukrainians in the military defeat of Nazism. The Ukrainian head of state recalled that 8 million of his compatriots died during World War II.

Zelensky also signed another decree establishing the May 9 as Europe Daythus joining the EU countries, which celebrate on this date the unity of the continent that emerged from the defeat of Nazi totalitarianism in 1945.

“I have decided establish that Europe Day be celebrated in Ukraine every year on May 9 together with the countries of the European Union,” the decree said, quoted by the Ukrainian national news agency, ukrinform.

The Ukrainian head of state said in this regard that “the unity of all Europeans” “defeated Nazism” and “will defeat ‘Russianism,'” a newly coined term recognized this month by the Ukrainian Parliament to designate the totalitarian ideology that according to the Kiev government, it has been imposed in neighboring Russia.

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