Zelensky intervened at the Cannes Film Festival and asked the film industry not to remain silent in the face of what happened in Ukraine

Zelensky asked the film industry not to remain silent about what happened in Eastern Europe (ERIC GAILLARD /)

the ukrainian president, Volodimir Zelensky, intervened by videoconference at the Cannes film festivalwhere he took the opportunity to call on the industry not to remain silent in the face of the horrors of the war in Ukraine.

“Hatred will pass and dictators will fall, and the power that was taken from the people will be returned to the people, and, thus, as long as man exists, freedom will not perish,” Zelensky asserted, endorsing the final words of the film ‘ The Great Dictator’, by Charles Chaplin.

Beyond this, urged the film industry not to remain silent in the face of what happened in Eastern Europe because “hundreds of people die every day” and “they will not rise after the final applause”.

Before taking the reins of the Ukrainian Presidency in May 2019, Zelensky had risen to fame as an actor, screenwriter, producer and director for film and television.

Graves of civilians killed during the Ukraine-Russia conflict in the southern port city of Mariupol
Graves of civilians killed during the conflict between Ukraine and Russia in the southern port city of Mariupol (ALEXANDER ERMOCHENKO/)

The United States announced on Tuesday the creation of a “conflict observatory”, initially endowed with six million dollarsto “collect, analyze and share widely evidence of war crimes” that he attributes to Russia in its invasion of neighboring Ukraine.

This new initiative, named Conflict Watchaims, in particular, to “preserve public information” or data from commercial satellites in accordance with “international standards”, so that they can feed any procedure aimed at holding those responsible for “atrocities” accountable, the Department said. of State in a statement.

“An online platform will share Conflict Watch documentation with the public to help refute Russia’s disinformation efforts,” added the secretariat responsible for US diplomacy.

The United States formally accused Russia of war crimes in Ukraine, particularly against civilians, and pledged to work to hold their perpetrators and sponsors accountable.

In April, the US presidentJoe Biden personally called his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, a “war criminal” and a “butcher”and went further than his own government in deeming Moscow to be perpetrating “genocide” in Ukraine following reports of widespread killings of civilians in the city of Bucha.

The spread of photos of numerous bodies of Ukrainians lying in the streets of Bucha and thrown into mass graves circulated around the world, some with their hands tied behind their backs, sparked a wave of international outrage, although Moscow described it as a farce and Ukrainian ploy to damage Russia’s image and promote actions against it.

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