Zelensky said that the Russians “elected Putin, re-elected him and raised the second Hitler”

Volodimir Zelensky (via Reuters) (RITZAU SCANPIX/)

The Ukrainian president, Volodymyr ZelenskyI affirm that “Russian society is no longer respected in the world” for having elected the president Vladimir Putin as president and elevated him again, making him the “second Hitler”.

“Russian society has lost the respect of the world. They elected him (Putin), re-elected him, and raised the second Hitler. They did it. “We cannot go back to the past, but we can stop it here,” he said during an interview with the American television network. C.B.S..

Zelensky highlighted the help received in the framework of the Russian invasion and pointed out that the United States is not only helping Ukraine: “The United States helps Ukraine financially, and I am grateful to them for that. But I think they not only support Ukraine. If Ukraine falls, Putin will definitely go further. What will the United States do when Putin arrives in the Baltics? When will I reach the Polish border? Gonna“, he asserted in relation to the more than 70 billion dollars in aid that Washington has allocated so far.

Regarding the need for greater assistance, he clarified that there are no exact figures. “The whole world has to decide if we want to stop Putin or if we want to start a world war. We can’t change it“, he noted before emphasizing that Putin is the “second king of anti-Semitism, after Hitler.”

Vladimir Putin (Sputnik/Reuters)
Vladimir Putin (Sputnik/Reuters) (SPUTNIK/)

Thus, he warned of the possibility of a third world war breaking out. “If Ukraine falls, what will happen in ten years? Think about it. If they arrive in Poland, what will be next? A third world war?“, he asked himself.

“We are defending everyone’s values. And it is the Ukrainian people who are paying the highest price. We are really fighting for our freedom, we are dying. We are not fiction, we are not a book. We are really fighting against a nuclear state that threatens to destroy the world”, he stated.

Zelensky stressed that Putin will use the threat of nuclear war to stoke instability in the United States and Europe. “I think he is going to continue threatening. He is waiting for the United States to lose stability. He believes that will happen during the US elections. He will seek instability in Europe and the United States. He will use the risk of using nuclear weapons to fuel that instability,” he lamented.

The Ukrainian president also said he felt “concerned” about the next electoral process in the United States and indicated that, although US military aid has not arrived “fast enough,” he thanked the president, Joe Biden, for all his support.

Zelensky and Biden in the White House (AP) (Patrick Semansky/)

The counteroffensive

On the Ukrainian counteroffensive, Zelensky He admitted that the Army is advancing “slowly”but he stressed that the troops continue forward and that the front line has become a “artillery duel” in which about 40,000 projectiles are fired a day.

“It is a difficult situation. I will be completely honest with you. We have the initiative. This is an advantage,” she pointed out. “We stopped the Russian offensive and moved on to the counteroffensive. And despite this, it is not very fast. It is important that we advance every day and liberate territory“, he said before qualifying that “we must free as much territory as possible and try to move forward.” “We must not give Putin a break,” he continued.

In relation to the deployment of drones to carry out attacks against Russian territory, Zelensky reiterated that the weapons “of the partners are only used on Ukrainian territory.” “Russia has to know that wherever it is, whatever place they use to launch missiles to attack Ukraine, Ukraine has every moral right to attack those places. We are responding to them by saying: ‘Your sky is not as well protected as you think.’”, he asserted.

“By choosing civilian targets, Putin seeks to break us. This person who has made his way with such bloody actions, with everything he has said, cannot be trusted. You can’t trust someone like that because he stopped being a human being a long time ago,” he concluded.

(With information from Europa Press)