Zelensky thanked Biden for his powerful words in support of the Ukrainian people

Zelensky thanked Biden for his powerful words in support of the Ukrainian people

The President of Ukraine, Volodimir Zelenskythanked this Wednesday his US counterpart, Joe Biden, “his powerful words” in support of the Ukrainian people pronounced during the State of the Union.

“Thank you, Biden, for the powerful words of support for Ukraine as you address the nation. We are grateful for the leadership of the United States in aid (provided to) Ukrainefor the solidarity of all the American people,” Zelensky said, before adding that “Ukraine freely chooses its future.”

The Ukrainian president stressed that the values ​​of Washington and kyiv “are the same”: “Our common goal is victory”he stressed through a publication on his Twitter profile.

Hours before, during the State of the Nation speech of this year pronounced in the Capitol, Biden indicated that the invasion of Ukraine by the Russian president Vladimir Putinis a “test” for the West.

Putin’s invasion has been a test for history, a test for Americaa test for the world (…) “This defense matters to us because it maintains the peace and prevents the ban from being opened (so that) possible aggressors threaten our security and prosperity,” Biden declared.

Ukraine has been a central focus of Biden’s foreign policy since Russia invaded the country on February 24, 2022. So far, the country has spent $29.3 billion in military aid to kyiv.

After the western allies like Germany, UK and Spain announced that they were sending main battle tanks to Ukraine, Biden officially announced that US to send 31 Abrams.

To thank all the help, the President of Ukraine, Volodimir Zelensky, visited the United States at the end of December and spoke as a guest of honor before the US Congress, where he claimed that money for your country is not charity but an investment in global security.

Biden has stressed on numerous occasions the need for Congress, now with a Republican majority in the House of Representativescontinue to approve the aid packages for Ukraine.

All this after the leader of the Lower House, kevin mccarthyhas warned that he is not in favor of giving Ukraine a “blank check”.

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