Zendaya would sign a millionaire contract in season 3 of Euphoria

The winner of the Golden Globe and Emmy in the Euphoria series, Zendaya, would earn millions of dollars in the third season

Zendaya is probably one of the actresses with the most media coverage on the current scene. And she is not for less than her because at 26 years old she has made history by becoming the youngest actress to win the Emmy for best actress twice thanks to her role in ‘Euphoria’.

In Euphoria, Zendaya played a girl who uses drugs to control her emotional problems and autism, which led her to win a Golden Globe and an Emmy. However, the actress is going for more and would sign a contract for millions of dollars in the new season of the series.

According to the news column by Matthew Belloni de Puck, the 26-year-old actress, Zendaya renegotiated her earnings by one million dollars or 18 million pesos for each episode of the third season of Euphoria, after signing a contract.

However, Zendaya’s own spokesperson has immediately denied everything on Metro.co.uk: “That figure is completely inaccurate.”

“Also because of the privacy policy, we would never reveal that information,” he has finally revealed, settling all the speculation.

On the other hand, his partner Sydney Sweeney, Cassie in the production, already admitted in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter that he was unhappy with his salary in fiction: “They don’t pay actors like before.”