Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s strict diet to have “only 8% fat” at age 40: prohibited foods and their allowed

Zlatan Ibrahimovic has an incredible physical condition (Gettyimages)

Although he missed a good part of the season as a result of a serious Achilles tendon injury and some discomfort in one of his knees, Zlatan Ibrahimovic He was one of the figures of Milan to become champion again in the Serie A of Italy. In addition to a demanding physical routine, one of the main secrets of the Swede to demonstrate an excellent level at 40 years of age is his strict diet, which allows him to have “only 8% percent fat”.

As revealed La Gazzetta dello Sportthe scorer is aware of the importance of nutrition in modern football and outlined some basic unshakable principles within his diet: white meats, bresaola (Italian sausage from the central Italian Alps that is made with selected pieces of the calf’s thigh), fruits and vegetables.

Frozen foods stand out on their prohibited list, including ice cream. Furthermore, with rare exceptions, do not eat pasta. Carbohydrates are obtained by eating cereals. He has also eliminated refined sugars from his menu and pays close attention to portions. “It seems to weigh each food, measure quantities to the exact gram and depend on a precise algorithm,” said the Italian newspaper.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic was key to obtaining the Scudetto (REUTERS / Daniele Mascolo / File Photo)
Zlatan Ibrahimovic was key to obtaining the Scudetto (REUTERS / Daniele Mascolo / File Photo) (DANIELE MASCOLO /)

Zlatan’s “allowed” occur in the summer and after games. Consider eating pizza as a “prize”; although he has “one free meal a week”. Similarly, when you choose, do not go overboard with fried foods, desserts or condiments.

The newspaper alludes to a version that flies over the figure of Ibrahimovic. It maintains that when he arrived at Paris Saint Germain he complained about the lack of fruits and vegetables in the meals, so the cook began to frequent the market stalls in Laye to buy these products. The former Ajax, Barcelona and Inter prefer fresh and seasonal products.

“I am only 8″ fat, so losing weight is very difficult for me”, explained the footballer who will turn 41 in October. Last season he played 27 games, scoring 8 goals and providing three assists (all for the local tournament).

According to the aforementioned medium, Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s decisions have a reason for being: “Proteins from lean and selected meats, from animals fed naturally, allow essential amino acids to be supplied to the muscles and avoid an excessive load of residues. Increasing food sources of plant origin with fresh fruits and vegetables allows you to recharge the body with high doses of micronutrients, without weighing it down, and keeping oxidative stress low. The reduction of refined sugars shortens the inflammatory load, responsible for persistent damage to cells and tissues. Taking carbohydrates and sugars from fruits, vegetables and whole grains recharges and regenerates the body, helps to have a clear mind and a faster recovery after training”.

The diet is complemented with a taekwondo training routine, one of his main passions, which he passed on to his sons Maximilian and Vincent. This discipline allowed her to gain elasticity and add acrobatic movements to her football.


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