Zoom adds custom avatars and new features for video calls

Zoom will add different versions of templates that users who host conferences can access

One of the most used tools during training sessions remote work are the applications of video calls and virtual conferences as in the case of Zoomwhich increased its amount of users in recent years and has added new features so that its customers can enjoy better experiences during their virtual meetings using your platform.

Because in addition to remote work, Zoom is used to gather friends and family, the new additions that show up at your next version beta are oriented to the entertainment of people, such as the function of virtual avatars with animal faces.

In the following months the platform of video calls not only will that feature be available, but it will also be possible to add virtual avatars customizable that include physical characteristics of the users such as their skin or hair color.

This new feature within your software also includes a factor of personalizationsince each of the mentioned characteristics can be combined with others to form a virtual character close to the physical appearance of the actual user.

Use of avatars in Zoom video calls.  (9to5mac)
Zoom will add custom virtual avatars in video calls. (9to5mac)

The avatars customizable may be used during video calls as filters for the screen in which it will be possible to reflect the movements of the face and the facial expressions that will allow character show the mood of each participant in the meeting.

This way Zoom expects that the participants who are more timid in shared sessions of remote work can be presented “dynamically” without actually appearing on your device’s camera. According to the company, “this is a more attractive alternative to the Profile pictures static” and can add fun to work meetings.

Although for the moment the aesthetic characteristics of the virtual avatars of Zoom are not very advanced, the company intends to further improve the number of physical features of the faces, as well as hairstyles and other styling options. personalization they will be added over time, although it has not been estimated whether this progression would take weeks, months or years to complete.

Zoom will add different versions of templates that users who host conferences can access
Zoom will add different versions of templates that users who organize conferences can access (loan_45/)

Default templates for virtual meetings

another of the news of the platform video calls is that different versions of templates will be incorporated to which users who organize the conferences can access. These configurations will allow the use of automatic subtitles on the screen, in addition to enabling the device’s screen sharing function as a projection in meetings, among others.

Is setting in the type of meetings can be done previously during the process of personalizationso that when entering, the customization options that were chosen are already active automatically and users will not have the need to be aware of other options within the login session. video call.

The templates that were integrated into the settings include those of “large gatherings” in which subtitles are activated for all participants and the automatic recording of the meeting. The function of “seminars” in which courses or workshops for companies can be taught in which attendees can only listen and the only person authorized to present is the organizer. Finally he templates “K-12″ may be implemented for education sessions with students between the ages of 4 and 16.

Zoom video call.  (Zoom)
Zoom will add default templates for each type of video call within the platform. (Zoom)

Conversation threads in Zoom chat

Another of the functions that will be incorporated into the new version of the video calling application involves the possibility of creating conversation threads and reactions to the messages that are sent to the chat window enabled in all the sessions of Zoom to better organize interactions.

In addition, it was decided to add a special function dedicated to sessions of questions And answers to facilitate user participation in seminars or workshops.

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