Zoom adds virtual avatars in video calls: this is how they can be activated

Zoom logo. (photo: REUTERS/Dado Ruvic) (Dado Ruvic/)

zoomthe renowned video call platform, adds another novelty in its version 5.10: the possibility of applying virtual avatars that replace the faces of the members in a call.

This is a very similar feature to the Animoji of Manzana which in this case aims to offer “an easy and entertaining way to interact with attendees” for meetings. Also, to “create a little fun”, as the company’s official statement.

How avatars work in Zoom

Zoom makes it clear that avatars are a good option for people who don’t want their face to appear in a meeting, but for some reason want to. Express your opinion using body language and facial expressions.

In fact, the avatar can detect the movement of the person’s face and body. This way, if the member nods, the filter will immediately take the same action, no matter what type of camera the user is using.

Avatars in Zoom.  (photo: Hitech Glitz)
Avatars in Zoom. (photo: Hitech Glitz)

The company guarantees that for identification it uses technology own, but it does not include a facial recognition system, so they cannot determine who is behind this avatar.

Avatars also completely cover the body of the person appearing behind the camera. The head is replaced by one of the various animals available, while the torso, which can also appear in focus, is modified with virtual clothing.

This is how avatars can be activated and used in Zoom

The possibility of applying avatars in video calls is available on the desktop version of Zoom for macOS and Windows. Also in the app iOS. To use this filter, make sure the platform is updated to version 5.10.0.

Otherwise, the app will display a new version suggestion before starting. To do this, click the update button to download and install it. In the chaos of iOS, you have to go to the app storeclick the account icon and check if there is an update for Zoom.

Zoom avatars.  (photo: Mobility Zone)
Zoom avatars. (photo: Mobility Zone)

Once inside the platform, you must first activate both the camera and the microphone.

Then click on the side menu of the option stop video that appears at the bottom of the screen.

To select Choose virtual background.

Finally, you just have to choose the preferred avatar. The filter can be removed by stopping the video or clicking the option disable avatar that appears in the meeting preview.

Avatars in Zoom.  (photo: New Newspaper)
Avatars in Zoom. (photo: New Newspaper)

How to use a unique meeting ID and password on Zoom to keep a meeting secure

Having to manage passwords and virtual waiting rooms can make the interface difficult to use, but it also means someone you don’t know is less likely to attend a family or work gathering. Next, the 2 keys To keep your Zoom meetings secure:

1. In the application Zoom, click the button Schedule. If you are using the web interface, Click on Schedule a meeting on the top line. In any case, the window will appear Schedule meeting.

2. As an option, you can enter a subject and description of the meeting. Set the date, time and duration of the meeting.

3. Search meeting ID and make sure that Generate automatically is selected. This will generate a unique ID for that meeting instead of using your personal meeting ID.

Schedule a meeting on Zoom.  (photo: Zoom/Jose Arana)
Schedule a meeting on Zoom. (photo: Zoom/Jose Arana)

4. Under the header Security, a code will be assigned; can be changed if desired.

5. Below that, it is recommended to enable Waiting roomso you can approve anyone who wants to enter the meeting space.

6. Click Advanced Options whether you want to allow participants to join without having to use the lobby (not recommended), mute them on entry, automatically record the meeting, or approve or block entries from specific geographic areas.

Advanced Zoom Options.  (photo: Zoom/Jose Arana)
Advanced Zoom Options. (photo: Zoom/Jose Arana)

7. Click on Keep.

8. Most likely, the screen will be taken to a page where you will see all the options for that meeting. Half way through, you can click Copy the invitation to easily save the information and thus send it to the participants.

9. And that’s it. When ready, you can click the blue button start this meeting or use the generated meeting link.


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